Tuesday, October 21, 2008

America Deserves Obama

Being ill in bed for six days has given me the perfect excuse to read my favorite papers from cover to cover - The NYT, The Huffington Post, the Herald Tribune. Actually, there would be others, but I also read novels and watched movies.... sidetracked.

Obama. Yes, America deserves Obama. After eight years of a man who was ignorant, inarticulate, at times, even illiterate - did we ever get an answer to the question of what papers he reads on a regular basis? - America and Americans deserve to listen to a man who is articulate, eloquent, and above all else, intelligent. There are so many Americans who deserve someone who they can identify with, and that doesn't just mean socially and economically. For anyone with a brain deserves to identify with the intelligence, poise, compassion and respect of Barack Obama. Eight years is too many to have to look in the mirror and not see someone they admire, and feel themselves less-than and ashamed, without moral, ethical or political anchor in the world. 

And he delivers his conviction with absolute unflappability. After four years on the public stage, he has never lost it, always remains poised and articulate. As a politician who never loses it, especially someone who has so much to be angry about, so much to get emotional over, but never does, he's to be admired.

Though it's kind of schmolzy, as a non-American who is one of those people he referenced in the DNC speech toward the end, the ones who look to America, not for its wealth, not for its might, not for its brain power, but for its opportunity and belief in "anything is possible", I believe him. I believe that the dream can come true in America. And I believe that is what makes it the most energizing and exciting country on earth. And I believe that it is time once again for Americans to accept that mantel and to be able to stand on the world stage with self-respect and intelligence at the core of their collective identity.

Vote for him.

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